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We are extremely proud to post our first 'Love Commanders: Couples' blog post featuring Dalia and Mineo (my parents!) This is where we have the great pleasure of acknowledging and honouring couples who make it work, through thick and thin. We find them inspirational and we hope you do too!

Dalia and Mineo recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary! I love you guys :)

Mineo is wearing his sterling silver LM Star Pin and Dalia is wearing her Conquerer Love Medal.

The Story

LM: When and how did you meet?

Dalia:  We met in Jerusalem, Israel (where I'm from) in 1974. A group of 20 Canadian students from the UBC School of Architecture came to our design school on an exchange program.

Mineo: We met on February 7th, 1975 in her apartment sitting next to her boyfriend.

(my parents can never agree on anything. lol)

LM: Who made the first move and how?

Dalia: I had a welcoming party for the Canadian students. Mineo arrived with 2 bottles of wine, one in each hand. When I opened the door he took me in his arms and I have to admit it felt quite good!

Mineo: I made the first move. Gave her a hug and it felt good! 

(well they agree on that!)

LM: What was your first impression of each other?

Dalia: I had never seen an Asian person in real life before, only in the movies and in books. When I was nine, I read 'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck and fell in love with the Asian man on the cover. I'd fall asleep with the book by my pillow. When I saw Mineo for the first time, I thought to myslef, "It's him!" Mineo was so different from everyone else. He wore polyester pants, suspenders and working boots. His shiny black hair was parted in the middle and cascaded over his shoulders down to his chest. I have never seen anyone like him since. 

Mineo: Kind of cute. Giggly. And needed help with her English.

LM: Why do you feel you have a successful relationship?

Dalia: We agree that we don't agree on anything except food.

Mineo: Because I love and respect her.

LM: Who wears the pants in your relationship?

Dalia: I think we take turns although I think he takes more tuns than I do :)

Mineo: Sometimes me. Sometimes Dalia. Most of the time Dalia.

LM: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a couple? and why?

Dalia: Our daughters. They are beautiful, smart and very strong women. As a couple we learned to help each other in critical times. We started with only a few dollars and are now looking forward to our retirement full of fun and play.

Mineo: The daughters. Both bright, talented, good looking and athletic.

LM: What do you love about each other? What could you do without?

Dalia: I love Mineo's intelligence, his care for the family and his devotion to me. I could do without his procrastination!

Mineo: I love her great sense of humour, her good heart and I can do without her stubbornness.

LM: Who said 'I love you' first?

Dalia: It must have been him.

Mineo: It wasn't me.

LM: What does love mean to each of you? How would you define it?

Dalia: Love is stability, security, sharing, building a home together, supportive, encouraging, being honest and telling the truth even when the truth hurts.

Mineo: Love means everything to me. It is the ultimate human force in the Universe. Even after you die, you have already loved and nothing ever can change it.

(Dad! Kleenex please!!!) 

Thank you mom and dad for everything :) xo


Please email us at love@lovemedals.com if you would like to suggest honouring a special couple for our 'Love Commanders: Couples' series :)

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Posted by Sheila Jones on March 03, 2012

Congratulations to Tali for such a bright idea — and to Dalia and Mineo for their long and lively years together. Everyone asks: will they last one more year? Congratulations on new directions for all of you!

Posted by the other daughter on February 29, 2012

abbi and mimi look soooooooooooooooooooo cute here! i just want to gobble them up…miss you…sending infinite love all the way from tel aviv…cheers from lil’ sis!!

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