Tara & Eric, Love Commanders

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It is a great joy for us to introduce Tara Hungerford and Eric Hogan as part of our growing Love Commanders: Couples Series. Tara and Eric are not only partners as dedicated parents to two beautiful children, they are also business partners at Two Story Productions, an award-winning boutique film and video production company. Tara and Eric are very supportive of what we do here at Love Medals, and we would like to honour them with this special feature. 

Tara is wearing her Treasure and Unity necklaces, as well as her Affinity bracelet.

Eric is wearing his Bravery Love Medal and Star pin. 

*Heart Cloud provided by Mother Nature. Just happened to be there when we looked up after the photo shoot....

The Story

LM: When and how did you meet?

Tara: We met June 6, 2002 at a restaurant in Yaletown. I approached him to be in a music video, he thought I was indirectly asking him out. Maybe I was subconsciously, but I no joke, it was all business!

LM: Who made the first move and how?

Eric: A few weeks later I saw her at another restaurant. She appeared to be on some kind of awkward date. I invited myself to join them. It was very Alpha of me to do. I ended up being in the music video, then we started dating.

LM: What was your first impression of each other?

Eric: She had an intensity about her that was extremely attractive. The restaurant where I worked was a bit of a meat-market so I was used to hot women hitting on me. But there was a business-like quality to her question "Are you a model?" that suggested there was more there. I was right, she cast me in the starring role in her life!

Tara: I thought he was very handsome! It was very effortless for us to talk. He made me laugh and he also seemed familiar. 

LM: Why do you feel you have a successful relationship?

Tara: Lots has happened in a decade. In sum, we are truly a good team. We work together at everything we do. We co-parent, we are a creative duo who run a business, we manage our home together, and most importantly we genuinely enjoy each others' company. We move forward each day, together. We are good communicators and constantly strive for balance and harmony. Raising kids and working together = needing support. Without our families and our nanny, Hester, our relationship at this stage in our lives would not be as successful as it is. We are very grateful. Oh, and we laugh a lot and try not to take it all too seriously. 

LM: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a couple? Why?

Eric: We're constantly creating and re-creating a lifestyle that works for us. We have two children (Wilfred, 3 years old and Paris, 6 months) at the centre of our universe. We've built a successful business in a highly competitive industry. We commute one block to our studio so we're always close to the kids. We get to create and invent and play at work all day. We're blessed.

LM: What do you love about each other? What could you do without?

Eric: I'm amazed by her capacity to learn and adapt and grow. And her tenacity. She's showed me a new level of perseverance. What could I do without? Ah, but she's perfect!

Tara: I love Eric. Plain and simple. I guess I could do without his noisy electric toothbrush, but then again, I should learn to tune it out. So, that's more about me than him.

LM: Who said 'I love you' first? Give us the details!

Tara: I don't recall who spoke these words first. The love was there from the beginning and it continues to evolve and grow.

Eric: I honestly don't recall either. Our relationship was such an easy progression that whenever it happened and whoever said it first, it must have felt natural.

LM: What does love mean to each of you? How would you define it?

Tara: Love is enough to get you through anything. Love is having an open heart, being mindful and listening carefully to what your loved ones are saying. Love is living in the moment and capturing the beauty and joy in the everyday. The more love you give, the more love you get back. Love is everything. 

Eric: Love is an ideal. Poets and philosophers call it The Universal Law. In practical terms, it's patience, kindness, acceptance, non-judging, rejoicing. In my life, it's where we start and end each and everyday. 

Thank you so much Tara and Eric! 

We wish you continued success both in business and life. xo

-T :)

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