Bradford & Kendra, Love Commanders

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Let us introduce our newest addition to the Love Commanders series, Bradford and Kendra! Newlyweds as of last February, Bradford and Kendra proudly wear their Love Medals and graciously share their story with us. Bradford is wearing his Strength Love Medal, perfectly complemented by his amazing bow tie! Kendra is 'pretty in purple' with her Affinity necklace and custom bronze & mustard Bravery Love Medal.......oh, and Oscar!

LM: What was your first impression of each other?

Kendra: Obviously I thought he was very handsome. He was also very easy to talk to, quick-witted and very charming. Even from our very first short conversation I could tell we had complementary personalities. 

Bradford: I was captivated, she had so much panache I couldn't turn my attention to anyone else or look away. I was in love.

LM: Kendra, what's the most romantic thing Bradford has done for you?

It's hard to think of one thing, because Bradford is a very romantic person in a non-conventional way. He does the usual things like flowers and chocolates but he is especially good at coming up with creative things to do for me to show he cares. For instance, he proposed to me in the same spot he first asked me to be his girlfriend and to take a chance on our relationship and move out to Vancouver so we could be together, which was very romantic. But I think the most romantic thing he has done is buy me a ticket home to Winnipeg for my birthday the first year I had moved here, even though I know he would have liked to spend the weekend with me. He did it because he knew I was homesick and he wanted me to be able to see my family. He even got a hold of all of my family and good friends to let them know I was coming so that they could plan a party for me, and he kept it a secret right until the last minute.

LM: Who is Oscar? Tell us about him....

Oscar is our pet French Bulldog. He's 3 now. He's our little baby. He might be the most spoiled dog in the world. He's definitely the king of our household. He has his own chair in the living room, he sleeps in our bed, gets to share our pillows, and will cry if he is not the centre of attention at all times. He can be a handful but he has the most personality of any dog we have ever met and can't imagine him not being a part of our family. 

LM: What are your pet names for each other?

Bradford: I call her monkey, but I also call the dog monkey or monkey man, so I guess we are not big on pet names.

Kendra: Or we are, since he literally calls me a pet name.

LM: What do you feel makes your relationship work?

It works primarily because we love each other so much. Secondarily it works because we try to accept the ways we are different and compromise on issues where our views may differ, which is admittedly not easy. But we have become better at it as our relationship has grown. Instead we focus on the many ways we make each other happy and support each other. And we make each other laugh!

LM: What do you love about each other? What drives you nuts?

Kendra: I love that Bradford is so generous with his love, so protective of me, that he makes himself so available and that he lets me know that I am a priority in his life. Bradford makes me feel loved and that makes it so easy to love him without insecurity. He gives me more than I could have ever thought to want. 

It drives me nuts that he is so stubborn! I think most of our fights stem from that, because we are both stubborn people, and we butt heads.

Bradford: I love how honest and genuine she is. I love that she is such an amazing sister and daughter and would do anything for her family...and now wife, I feel so lucky to know that she will do anything for me. 

It drives me nuts that she is so stubborn, said the pot!

LM: What does love mean to each of you? How would you define it?

Kendra: Love is so hard to define, and there are so many different kinds of love. All the people in my life who I love, I couldn't or wouldn't want to live without. So I guess I define love as a feeling so strong that you can't imagine your life without that person. But I would also define love as caring about a person so much that you would put their wellbeing before your own. It means unselfishly wanting the best for another person. Most parents love their children this way, but it is truly special when you find a partner that you feel this way about.

Bradford: I think real love means being truly unselfish and putting someone else first. No matter what happens, even if they make you angry or upset you can't imagine being apart from them. Love is an action not a a feeling. I think I would define love as appreciating all the goodness in another person.

LM: Well put!! 

Thank you Bradford and Kendra!

Love & Light

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