The Suffragette Medal of Valour

Posted by Talia Tanaka on January 26, 2012 0 Comments

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the Women’s Social and Political Union fought for Women’s right to vote in the UK. They were called the Suffragettes. The movement began peacefully, but had no results. The WSPU then adopted a more militant approach. Women who were sent to jail went on hunger strikes. Many were force fed with tubes, which went down their throats and into their stomachs.

Mabel Capper was presented with the UK WSPU Hunger Strike Medal on July 30th 1909 for enduring the first instance of forcible feeding while on hunger strike as a Suffragette prisoner.

Women in Britain finally achieved suffrage equal to men in 1928. Canada & US in 1920.

It's truly inspirational to consider what women and men have gone through in the past for us to enjoy our modern day rights. Let’s continue to do the same for our future generations!

What causes are you ready to take to the streets for and kick down the doors of unjust rule?

It’d be nice to have better Netflix selections in Canada!!

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