Love Medal of Valour - Baby the Bulldog

Posted by Talia Tanaka on May 23, 2012 0 Comments

Can't help but write this post with a huge smile...

We are very honoured to acknowledge Baby the Bulldog as our second Love Medal of Valour recipient. Baby lives in an animal sanctuary in Berlin, Germany, and is an incredibly special little dog! Press play or click here to see why we love her so much. 

We awarded Baby with a collar-friendly version of the Beloved Love Medal. Thank you so much to the people at The Lehnitz Animal Sanctuary for helping us get it to her, and for sending such beautiful photos. 

Baby has inspired us to come out with specially designed Love Medals for our favourite four legged friends.....stay tuned.

-T :)

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First Love Medal of Valour Recipient

Posted by Talia Tanaka on February 15, 2012 0 Comments

The 'Love Medal of Valour' blog series is about acknowledging people who go above and beyond for their communities by either volunteering their time, organizing charitable events, or helping to bring awareness to certain causes. 

We are tremendously excited to feature our very first LM of Valour recipient, Rich Seymour of Nine O'Clock Gun clothing company.

Rich hosts a yearly event called The Curlympics Tournament where friends and family participate in a friendly curling match BUT.... dressed up in fairly creative group costumes. Team Jersey Shore showed up with fake tans, huge hair and a whole lotta attituuude. Team Russia was smart and managed to stay warm. With plenty of beer to be consumed between matches, Curlympics turns into quite the spectacle on the ice!

After presenting Rich our 'Star' Love Medal pin, for exemplary understanding and wisdom, we were able to sit with Rich to learn more about him...

LM: Tell us about your cause and what is it that you do.

RS: I don't really have one cause, I like helping animals, children and the hungry - and for our annual Nine O'Clock Gun Curling tournament, we have been collecting art supply donations for Easter Seals Kids Summer Camps. BC Easter Seals Camps provide free overnight summer camping experiences for children and teens with physical and/or mental disabilities throughout BC. I have a friend who works there and its a great cause to be a part of.

LM: How long have you been doing it for?

RS: The Curlympics tournament is in its 7th year, but I've been doing a host of charity events for many years including food drives and hockey games for the Vancouver Food Bank and golf tournaments for PETA. I'm also running the Scotiabank Half Marathon for Team Diabetes in June.

LM: Why do you do it?

RS: I'm just doing my part really. I have a lot of great friends - some who I've known since elementary school - and I like organizing events that bring all of them together. Adding a charity component has been easy because my friends are open to helping and contributing. There's a part of me that wants to help those in need because I know it could be me that needs the help one day down the road.

LM: How can someone who's interested help?

RS: The best thing to do if you want to help, is support people around you who are organizing charity events and organize your own events too. We put on an annual curling event, hockey game, beer pong tournament and other events. I find the best way to get people involved is to keep it simple, fun and don't ask too much from people. I find the less you ask of people, the more they will give. There are so many great ways to help a local charity - be create and start off helping little by little. It all counts.

LM: What has the most memorable/touching experience been for you through doing this?

RS: I think the gratitude from the people who work at the charities is the best part. They work so hard on getting awareness out there. They are so happy to have people helping and spreading the love.

LM: Any funny stories? About anything! We like funny stories here.

RS: My funny stories are too inappropriate for a public forum :) Too much nudity, and substance abuse. Actually, one time I collected a car full of household and clothing donations for a womens shelter - was knocking on door after door trying to find the half way house, finally found the right place - they looked at the stuff I had for them and told me they didn't want any of it. Now I stick to helping kids, animals and the hungry. That probably sounds bad.

LM: Who or what inspires you?

RS: I'm inspired by a lot of people. My parents generosity and support, my fiance's love for animals, inspiring athletes and passionate people - anyone who has a big heart and courage to do great things inspire me.

LM: Why is Ryan Gosling so hawt?

RS: I want his body. That guy is cut. I'm motivated to workout more when I think of him!

LM: What does love mean to you? How would you define it?

RS: Love to me is a combination of many things. Love is when you care for something or someone so much that you will do anything you can for it. Love gets us out of bed in the morning - but also keeps us in bed some mornings too ;)

Love is your purpose, your passion.

Thank you Rich!


*Please email us at if you know of someone you think should be an LM of Valour recipient :)

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