Love Missions - Spread a lil' caffeine kindness!

Posted by Talia Tanaka on April 09, 2013 0 Comments


Nana here! Dispatching on behalf of Team Love Medals. We'd like to try something new here on the Love Medals blog in order to spread love to the masses!

You will find instructions on this page for a project we're calling 'Love Missions' and I'll be taking part in these tasks along with all of you! We'll be taking time out of our daily lives to go on missions to spread love and smiles to friends, family and complete strangers!

These tasks will be relatively simple ones. Upon their completion, share your experiences with us in the comments. And if you have a particularly amazing interaction, fire me an email for a chance to be featured here on the blog!

Click here to email me!

The first Love Mission EVER is as follows:

Take time during one of your mornings to buy the coffee for the person behind you in line!

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