Salute the ones you Love!

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We've had some very touching stories come back to us from various military families; from a husband who just completed his tour of duty and returned home with a Love Medal for his wife, to a veteran widow wearing a Love Medal in honour of her late husband. 

We even have a special story to share all the way from Switzerland! Heather and Greg just celebrated their 10th anniversary. Greg is in the Swiss Military. He lives in the barracks during the week, and the family is reunited on the weekends.

Heather presented her husband with our Star Collar Insignia in sterling silver. She told us, "We have a running promise that someday he will have stars - as in general stars. But as a great husband and father, I want to give them to him earlier." Greg now wears them under his uniform as a special weapon of love and support from his family. 

As a touching post Father's Day feature and as a new couple in our Love Commanders series, we asked Heather and Greg to share with us their story....

LM: When and how did you meet?

Heather: We met at a Cinco de Mayo party being held at the US mission Marine Detachment House. 

LM: Who made the first move?

Heather: A mutual American friend of ours introduced us. I had no interest in meeting a Swiss person as that might have required me to speak French. So in a truly rude fashion, I waved my hand and said "I do not speak French". Luckily, Greg had had a beer or two and was feeling 'brave'. He put his hands on his hips and said, "Well, I speak English". That was the beginning of an evening filled with talking and playing pool. I ended up getting his email and followed up with a dinner invite. My husband is actually more of an introvert, so for him to 'stand up' to me, an extrovert, was a big move. Thank goodness he did, as it changed our lives forever.

Greg: Heather by email. 

*LM (Gotta love the strong silent type ;))

LM: What do you love about each other?

Greg: The fact that we can be ourselves and not play any games of what we 'should be'.

Heather: My husband is probably one of the most thoughtful, caring, honest, respectful and good hearted men I know. He is my role model and my inspiration. He brings out the best in me - gives me support and confidence when life is challenging, whether it be work or family related. I also love the fact that he is Swiss. Being in a multi-cultural marriage definitely brings an added dimension to our lives.

LM: Heather, please tell us the story behind awarding your husband the Love Medals Stars collar insignia.

Heather: My husband has worked so hard the last years to achieve his career goals, not made easy by the fact that he is away from his family during the week and was in Kosovo the first year of our son's life. Work has been particularly challenging the last year and he was studying hard for the third session of his General Staff course, which is a gruelling couple of weeks filled with non-stop exams and projects. Morale was low and I wanted my husband to remember that even if things seemed impossible, I believed in him. He arrived home late Friday afternoon and as he stood in the doorway, I announced that I had something special to award him; in recognition of his role as a husband, father and outstanding army officer, I presented him with his "stars". It was a proud moment. When he went to sleep that night, he put them by his bedside table, in the box, and fell asleep looking at them.

LM: Greg, what was it like to receive this special gift?

Greg: It was wonderful. My wife found meaning beyond the stars, not only for the Army.

LM: Heather, truth, do you like seeing your husband in uniform? Does it help keep the 'spark' alive? ;)

Heather: I love uniforms - I wanted to be an airline hostess just to wear the uniform. So for me, there is nothing more 'hot' than seeing my husband walk through the gate in his uniform on the weekend. He looks so handsome and 'manly'.

*LM (Amen to that!)

LM: What does love mean to you? How would you define it?

Greg: Respect for each other and to fulfill the needs of your loved one.

Heather: Upon reflection, my definition of love has changed as I have gotten older and become a wife and mother. At this moment in time, it is about caring, respect, fulfillment, happiness, commitment and passion. One thing that has not changed, whenever I look at my husband, my heart still melts and I still see 'stars'.

♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, we just love it!! Thank you Greg and Heather for sharing with us. Please keep us posted on when Greg becomes General! 


-T :)

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