Relatives Denied Honouring Veterans

Posted by Talia Tanaka on December 30, 2011 0 Comments

This past Remembrance Day, Madrien Ferris, widow to veteran Albert Ferris, wanted to honour her late husband by wearing his military medals to the November 11th ceremonies. However, Article 419 of the Criminal Code prohibits anyone other than the veteran from wearing the medals. This was intended to prevent fraud or impersonation of a veteran. But there are no remaining First World War veterans alive in Canada and fewer Second World War veterans each year. If family members will not be permitted to wear the medals in honour of the veterans, there will soon be no one to wear them. Anyone attempting to do so may face criminal charges.

Madrien wants to see the law amended and is actively campaigning to raise awareness and support for this cause. She would love to know, that one day her “children or grandchildren will take pride in wearing them”.

We read about Madrien and this issue shortly before Remembrance Day on CBC News. We were moved by Madrien’s desire to honour her late husband and decided to send her ‘The Beloved’ Love Medal as a temporary solution until the law is amended. Shortly after receiving the Love Medal, Madrien appeared on CTV National News wearing her LM on her right lapel and gave a huge shout out to Love Medals!

More of her story can be seen at

We continue to support Madrien in her efforts, and urge everyone to visit the cause's Facebook page; ‘Relatives Denied Honouring Veterans’ at

Madrien will be celebrating her 80th birthday soon in 2012. Let's help her get this done!

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