connects people,

                acknowledges love in action,

                        expresses appreciation

                                for those making positive changes in their communities

                                and around the world, 

                        for those overcoming odds, 

                for those who inspire us, 

        and for those we hold dear. 

Individually designed and hand-crafted in Vancouver since 2008, by Talia.

Talia’s intention with Love Medals is to inspire and reward acts of love and kindness, from small to grand, personal to global.

“We are living in a time where connection and positive contribution to each other is paramount. We must support and encourage one another. We must go above and beyond to bring light into our world and to create a beautiful future for ourselves and future generations. Be courageous! Show and share your love. Love is empowering, and the power exists within all of us :)




Please email all inquiries to love@lovemedals.com