Since 2008 Love Medals has been celebrating Love in all its forms.


There are times in our lives when we are touched by an expression of love. A partner, a family member, a friend, a stranger. A small gesture, a grand declaration, a personal act, a global action.

Love Medals is a way to recognize and acknowledge positive change. We want people to be seen for their victories in love.

Love changes the world. Person by person. Action by action.


Talia started Love Medals over a decade ago as more than a business or a job—it is her calling.

After completing a photography degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and working for a local jewellery company, the foundations for Love Medals were set. It was not until a few years later, after living abroad and traversing her own personal journey, the concept of Love Medals was born. Since then Talia has been crafting these unique pieces, helping people celebrate Love around the world.

“We are living in a time where connection and positive contribution to each other is paramount. We must support and encourage one another. We must go above and beyond to bring light into our world and to create a beautiful future for ourselves and future generations. Be courageous! Show and share your love. Love is empowering, and the power exists within all of us!”


Photography: Fragment of Light